The EM-Power AWARD – connecting smart grids and prosumers

We will not be able to transform the energy system without smart power grids. This is why EM-Power Europe focusses on the modernization, digitalization and flexibilization of the power grid into a smart grid. The exhibition will present solutions for the integration of prosumers, e-mobility and power-to-heat into the energy system, so that energy flows can be monitored and controlled at all levels of the grid as well as between grid participants. The innovation potential here is vast, a fact which is reflected by the large number of start-ups amongst the exhibitors at EM-Power Europe. The EM-Power AWARD will give innovative companies the attention they deserve in view of their importance for the energy transition. The panel of judges consisting of renowned international experts will be electing particularly groundbreaking technologies and solutions that enable a future-proof, smart energy system, for the EM-Power AWARD.


Technologies for the EM-Power AWARD

The EM-Power AWARD recognizes technological innovations and groundbreaking solutions that contribute to a stable, renewable energy supply 24/7. These are products and services in the following areas:

  • Smart Grids & Integration of Renewable Energies
  • Smart Buildings & Districts
  • Commercial & Industrial Energy Services
  • Other


  • FENECON (Germany): FERESTO Rental Storage
  • The Mobility House (Germany): ChargePilot: The smart charging and energy management system

More information about the winners at the HALL OF FAME


EM-Power AWARD Finalists 2023

The EM-Power AWARD Finalists 2023 are:

  • EnExpert OHG
  • Entrix GmbH
  • Olmatic GmbH
  • The Mobility House GmbH
  • Wattando GmbH
  • Xemex NV

All about the AWARD Finalists 2023

Evaluation Criteria EM-POWER AWARD

A. Degree of Technological Innovation (30%)

  • Technological advancement

  • Technological creativity and quality

  • Singularity in comparison with other solutions


B. Technical and Environmental Benefits (20%)

  • Technological benefits

  • Environmental benefits and socially relevant features


C. Safety I Standards (15%)

  • Compliance with international safety and technical standards 

D. Economic Benefits (20%)

  • Cost benefits

  • Demand, markets and marketing strategy

  • Pricing


E. Proof of Innovation (10%)

  • Proof of functionality and ingenuity, test results, certifications, patents, references


F. Quality of Presentation (5%)

  • Format and quality of description and presentation

  • Extent of application documentation


Dr. Pierre-Jean Alet
Sector Head I Digital energy solutions
Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique

Prof. Gerd Heilscher
Professor for Energy Data Management of Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems
Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning
Professor for Renewable Energy Systems
University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin

Luís Cunha
Director European Policies and Projects

AWARD Ceremony

Every year, the official AWARD Ceremony reveals the AWARD winners on a grand stage. The ceremony is attended by high-caliber dignitaries and brings together visitors, exhibitors, representatives and decision-makers from the international renewable energy industry, as well as national and international press representatives. 

The presentation of the 2023 award winners took place as part of The smarter E Europe in Munich on June 13, 2023.